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After four days of RASHA remote sessions with Morgan, I felt like I had an entirely new body and it’s holding strong. It’s been decades since I felt this good. There’s only one word I can use over and over for this…MIRACLE!  (5 Stars)

Stacey V

Morgan came to me through stellar referrals about how she’d helped my friends’ transform serious illnesses. She is a healer with a heart and I’m grateful I connected with her. She tapped into the exhaustion I was having and we zeroed in on the issue from past life and this one. She’s fun, loving, and powerful.

Lorrie K

What I do know is that having spent an hour with Morgan I walked out of that room a different person. The darkness and the exhausting weight were gone, the world looked like a different place. There was joy and there was light and I had energy. Its been a few weeks now and the feeling remains, I have enthusiasm and a sense of looking forward to the future. I have energy which carries me through the day now without a nagging sense of wanting to curl up in bed and sleep.

UK Client

Morgan is such a beautiful earth angel and I would highly recommend working with her. She immediately recognized my lack of boundaries in my life and helped cut that attachment and I’ve since been able to say “no” to people with peace in my heart. Thank you Morgan!

Megan F

I was amazed at the speed and accuracy and familiarity of my energy Morgan was able to tap into. In session with her inside I kept saying yes, yes, more, more and I feel different on the other side. It’s taking me three or four days to really align with the new energies and there’s something different that I have no words for. I am blessed. Thank you.

Karla B
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