Migraines, Surgical Mishap

I first worked with Morgan seven years ago during a bout of chronic headaches. I had just read Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss, when one of my dear friends told me about Morgan. I decided I had suffered with pain for too long and wanted to give Morgan’s gifts a try. When we had this first session, she amazed me. She told me things about my life that I knew were problematic, but had no idea they had manifested themselves physically in my body. Once she walked me through those issues and had me visualizing myself in a place of empowerment – literally pushing negative influences out of the circle of life around me – the pain began to go away. Over the next year, my quality of life improved on all levels and my headaches ceased.

This time before working with my now friend, Morgan, I was in a fog. I had been trying to heal for five months from the birth of my baby boy and a most unfortunate ER mishap a few days after he was born. I had seen more doctors and specialists than I ever thought possible, had already undergone a surgical exam under anesthesia, and was now facing a major surgical procedure. One day before the surgery the same dear friend, again, contacted me about utilizing Morgan’s help and called ahead for me to see if Morgan had time to work with me.

Once Morgan’s energy was connected to my friend and the friend expressed concern for my health, Morgan told her to have me call immediately. Then, the most amazing thing happened: Morgan told the friend she had to get off the phone, as she was tasting something metallic in her mouth. She basically asked the friend WHAT is in Kortney’s body, because it’s making her toxic and preventing her from healing?!

It wasn’t until 2-3 hours after Morgan began working on me energetically through my friend that I actually spoke to her. Amazingly, though, I began to feel energetic around that time. Normally, that would not surprise me, but on this particular day I was on a clear liquid diet for surgery prep and had been feeling quite weak. I literally felt my spirits lift – all before I knew she was willing and able to talk with me as soon as I could call her.

When I finally called Morgan, she immediately told me about her metallic and toxic impression of my condition. I was blown away… because I had been through 5 silver nitrate cauterization treatments that were all very painful, and obviously metallic!

Morgan cleaned my system up – doing what she does best – and told me whether I did or didn’t go ahead with surgery, I would heal faster now, as the toxicity of my system was gone. I admit it – I was afraid not to have the surgery, as I had been in such pain for 6 months already… but I wasn’t fearful of the surgery itself and knew I would be okay.

Right before my surgery the next morning, the anesthesiologist told my husband and me that we were going to be there awhile; 4.5 hours was blocked out for my procedure. This was NOT what we had expected and I felt a short sensation of panic in my chest. But, truly, knowing Morgan was looking out for me, the panic didn’t last long.

I went in to surgery at noon… I was waking up by 12:50pm. The procedure took 4 minutes!!! It was the least invasive procedure possible and 6 weeks later, I can say that I am healed and no longer in pain. I had my follow-up with my surgeon last week and I don’t even have to go back for any further follow-up appointments. I’m done!Thank you, Morgan. Your friendship and powers of healing are beautiful gifts for those of us who embrace them.