May, 2012, I sat alone in a hospital bed in Hamburg Germany, about to undergo serious brain surgery the next morning to repair a cerebral hemorrhage near the border of my brain stem. I knew the risks, having spent over 15 years as a physical therapist in the neurological field. I was nearly certain I would not see my beloved wife and my nine-month-old daughter again.

The terror was overwhelming me. I had lost my focus, afraid that my own fears would kill me. The darkness of my own thoughts had made everything else invisible.

Friends had put me in contact with Morgan, some 5,700 miles away. We covered the distance that night in a phone call. At least I did. I know that Morgan has other means.

She listened carefully and understood immediately. She eased me down from my fears until there simply was no more way back into them. Positive focus and positive demeanor were the outcome. At the end of our phone contact, I was pumped up. Every fiber of my failing body was ready to go into battle.

Through Morgan I came to be able to reclaim my own inner powers. I had encountered evil in the darkness. Morgan led me to sages in the light. I met myself that night. It was a lesson of a lifetime. Without this, the surgery would have been unsuccessful.

And now here I am, blessed with a second daughter, riding on a skate board again, back again as a full time physical therapist.

I owe Morgan deeply.

Marco Kuerschner from Germany