My bout with Meningitis in 2012 really laid me low. During the first several days at the beginning, I was delirious with pain, only semi-conscious, heavily sedated, and confined to the hospital’s intensive care unit. I have it on pretty good authority that I had become the poster boy as the worst case of meningitis the UCLA Hospital had ever encountered.

My wife contacted Morgan at the earliest opportunity. Morgan assured her that I was surrounded by angels, and she promised to work with them to help alleviate my pain. She also advised my wife to rub my feet with lavender and to make sure my physicians discontinued using a particular pain killer — because she knew it would be deleterious to my system.

Even in my delirium, I was able to sense Morgan’s presence, and in fact, it turned out that the times I could sense her involvement corresponded with the times she reported to my wife that she was focusing on me.

I survived the early phase of the disease, even though it left me temporarily completely paralyzed. My doctors later told me they were doubtful I would recover. But I did recover, and after a six week stay in the hospital and in rehab, I was able to learn to walk and use my arms and hands again. Morgan and I have kept in pretty close touch since then. I attribute my recovery, in large part, to her.