I can’t thank Morgan enough for at two magical repairs at a time they were badly needed. The first happened when I twisted my ankle in a high-heeled shoe and couldn’t shake the pain. I’d called to say “I broke it,” and in her brilliant, non-local way she said, “No you didn’t, you just fractured your fifth metatarsal. And injured the tendons.” Still, not a good prognosis. I had to teach a class at UCLA the next evening and really needed immediate help to walk again. So she went to work fixing it. One session over the phone and one in person the next day and she said, simply, “You’ll be walking normally by 5 this afternoon.”  And sure enough, that very day I was walking to class as if I’d done no damage. In fact, because it was healed so well and with the speed of light, it was as if it had never happened. The only way I was certain I’d actually fractured it was that months later I had that awful pain in it during a rain storm. Convincing evidence: the bone pain in rain. Medical science isn’t sure why, but everyone knows old injuries can predict a storm.

The second of Morgan’s miracles for me came when I was working in China on a crisis counseling tour after a terrible earthquake there that killed 80,000 people. The days were filled with lectures and advising and I was keeping long hours and trying to manage large emotions and long translations. As a result, I wound up with a urinary infection (the ladies’ rooms were not like ours, but had a hole in the floor and no toilet paper—you had to bring your own). I called Morgan in a panic, as the thought of trying to find medical help without language or knowledge of my choices scared my bladder into worse shape. Morgan helped me recover over the miles, reminding me that I should have myself checked out once I returned home. The symptoms disappeared. I was able to continue counseling those who needed me. She’d gotten me through in her wonderful way, once again. Thank you Marvelous Morgan.