My words don’t feel like they do justice to my experience of Morgans work. I have worked regularly with Morgan for almost exactly 10 years. I found Morgan when my, then 3 year old son was gravely sick with a very aggressive cancer in the muscle in his leg and he was not responding to conventional treatment and only getting worse. I had taken him to 86 alternative practitioners until I found Morgan.
From the first session Morgan literally saved his life as doctors had told me infection had taken over his body and he was fitting and they couldn’t do anything. Within 10 minutes of Morgans work beginning my mother and I watched as he suddenly stopped shaking, opened his eyes and sat up and asked for his favourite food. Over the subsequent months he got stronger and completely better as she delivered miracle after miracle. He is now a big strong healthy fun 13 year old who loves rugby and has never looked back.
Since then each session for me or him has never been the same, felt the same nor taken the same direction. Morgans always makes the sessions seem effortless and upbeat but I have come to know the intricacy, concentration and depth of her work, always expressed through extremely precise language while holding me in a beautifully supportive calm space.
Todays session was another example of the depth and breadth of her work – aways unexpected. Today’s session spoke of the idea of the ‘living dead ‘ inside of me. The way in which I have become the receptacle for abuse over this lifetime and others and died in part. As she worked to clear and clean these aspects I felt the momentary presence and passing of sadness and old sufferings and then I immediately felt brighter, brighter, brighter and then lighter. Almost high. Followed by a resounding memory of me being this way once before.
In fact, I am left feeling physically smaller and stronger, as if I was fitter and younger. I feel more peaceful, happier and less tethered to the past.
More happiness more strength more freedom what more could I wish for.
Thank you Morgan❤ forever
R.P., London, UK