I had been feeling quite frustrated at the new job I had accepted when I moved to a new state.  My manager tasked me with cleaning up the disorganized mess and dealing with the bad hires left by my predecessor.  I was working long hours and felt very stressed, as the work was exceptionally tedious and unpleasant.   I had taken a pay cut for the position but still felt grateful to have a job, but certainly wished life could be easier and more enjoyable.

Then Morgan invited me to attend an intensive full day session with a few other clients to remove deep blocks to happiness, contentment and success.  Morgan has been my friend as well as my healer for many years, and I have seen her work so many miracles in my life as well as the lives of others, so of course I immediately signed up for this rare opportunity.    She performed many rituals and prayers to clear the path for participants and it was an intriguing and amazing day.

Incredibly, the very next week I was given a $10,000 raise, along with my manager’s profuse apologies for how difficult the position had been from the beginning, and how grateful she was for all of my efforts to right things at the office!  My manager and I became fast friends, and remain so to this day.  In fact, after our company was acquired and I was laid off as a result of the merger, she was instrumental in helping me get a wonderful job at anther company – where I am paid more, have an excellent staff, and the work is much more satisfying!

Morgan’ incredible gifts have changed my life dramatically for the better over the years.  I don’t know anyone who lives life more honestly or fearlessly than Morgan, and her compassion and abilities are amazing.  I highly recommend her to everyone I know!