I started working with Morgan in 2010. I came to her when all the doctors had no advice or solutions for my inflamed liver. I was exhibiting auto-immune issues, chronic pain and fatigue. I started speaking with her for my physical issues and quite quickly realized how connected my health was to my mindset and emotional state.

Over the years, Morgan has helped me to more than regain my physical health. She has helped me gain inner peace, calm and ease. As such, everything in my life feels easier, lighter, happier and it feels sustainable. When my emotions and mindset are in good order, so follows my physical health.

She’s sorted out a broken toe and back pain in an instant, issues like my chronic liver condition took longer as it was closely connected with my emotions and mindset-it was really just me and my layers of issues. So sometimes it’s a process and sometimes it’s in a “snap.” The full benefit of the relationship has been felt in the last few years where I have worked with her on various issues not just for myself but also for my family.

She works on my children’s allergies and their plethora of emotional (tantrum) issues. She works with my husband. As a result, the work she does with us as a family is magnified. The key benefit has been in the sustainability of these transformations through more regular sessions. As in all health matters, I try my best to take care and maintain my health regularly, rather than address issues only when there is a major crisis. Morgan is a significant part of this maintenance. Her gift is special without a doubt. Having her in our life is such a blessing.

Thank you Morgan. I am grateful every day that you are in my life.

L.A., London, Business Owner