Husband’s Knee Pain

My husband overextended his leg, as he made an unsuccessful attempt to avoid our very excited 150lb dog. The muscle above his knee was in a lot of pain and very swollen. We called on Morgan for help, because he couldn’t walk without holding on to something. Going up and down stairs was challenging. I thought maybe he would need a cane to walk. This was difficult because he’s a very strong & determined man who doesn’t complain about pain, but he was in so much pain, he asked me to call Morgan to set up an appt with her. He had been nursing his knee for three days and it was only getting worse. Morgan wasn’t even in the United States at the time. She was in London. She worked on him remotely. The pain went away rather quickly, and within 24 hours, the swelling was gone. She later texted him to ask how his knee was feeling. He was able to walk with a limp but no longer needed something to hold onto while walking. She told him to rest and she would work on him more in the next day or two. About two days later, while he was driving, he knew Morgan had helped his leg again, because his leg suddenly felt great. He no longer had a limp in his walk and no longer hobbles! He said it’s like he was never injured! Thank you Morgan! You are amazing!! Words aren’t enough to say how grateful we are. ❤️❤️❤️