Dog Melanoma

In the winter of 2014, my 9 year old corgi, Sir Lancelot was suffering from Melanoma. The doctor had removed one of his tumors earlier that year and we had accepted that we wouldn’t have him too much longer. Our little Lancie looked like he was struggling. Morgan came to my house for an esthetic appt, and I guess noticed Lancie laying around, not acting like his normal loud and sassy self. Morgan never said a word. In fact, we never discussed Lancie during our appt. I guess at that point, we had accepted that Lancie’s days were numbered and that we would lose him sooner than later. Well, later that afternoon Lancie got this burst of energy and started running and barking so happy, just like when he was young. My whole family was surprised and we just enjoyed him and we were happy he was feeling better. After a few days of him being back to his old self, I thought back to when he began to feel better and realized that Morgan had been over the same day. I asked Morgan is she helped Lancie and she said yes. She said, I knew he needed help and so I helped him. Morgan gave us another great year & a half with our little sassy Lancie-poo. We are so grateful for Morgan’s love and help!

Thank you Morgan! ❤️❤️