Anxiety and Depression

I have lived most of my life with anxiety and depression: at times manageable and at other times like living in a dark tunnel with no light at the end. Trying to take one day at a time to keep going and be the best mother I can to my children. I have tried everything over the years and some things helped a little for a while but the overall sense of struggle and darkness was always there. There was no joy.

I heard of Morgan through a kind friend and having arrived at a place where there felt like there was little hope I thought I had nothing to loose. A part of me was sceptical with logic asking “how could this possibly work?” But I also consider myself to be open minded and believe there are many things in this world which we don’t understand.

What I do know is that having spent an hour with Morgan I walked out of that room a different person. The darkness and the exhausting weight were gone, the world looked like a different place. There was joy and there was light and I had energy. Its been a few weeks now and the feeling remains, I have enthusiasm and a sense of looking forward to the future. I have energy which carries me through the day now without a nagging sense of wanting to curl up in bed and sleep.

I will be forever grateful to Morgan for the gift she has given me, and feel blessed to have found her and had the chance of this life changing experience.