Breast Concern

I am a busy mom of 2 children and 3 fur babies, I also have a husband! 😉 I work more than full time hours, I volunteer at my children’s school as much as I can, and rarely have time for myself. I have worked with Morgan for my daughter with special health concerns. In August, I finally went to the appointment for my mammogram that I had been putting off since January since I’m so busy. I had the mammogram on a Friday and Monday early morning I received a call from the breast center asking me to come back in for follow up testing because the doctor saw an “area of concern” in my left breast. All of sudden the floor fell away and my breath left me. What have I been doing?

After hanging up with the breast center, I immediately called Morgan. I explained what was going on and if she could please help me. Help me, she did. She gave me peace of mind that day, and the 2 more days before I had the follow up testing.

She ‘worked on me’ and worked her energetic magic. In the middle of the release and energy work, I felt tingling and popping in my left breast. And, what I didn’t know at the time, was it exactly where the area of concern was!  I had a follow up mammogram and ultrasound that Wednesday and EVERYTHING WAS NORMAL! Everything is normal! Everything is well. The radiologist did the ultrasound herself and said, “There’s nothing there now, it could have been a dense area or a hormonal change.” I know that whatever it was, Morgan helped clear it. Whatever it was, Morgan helped me heal it. Whatever it was, is gone and is not coming back. I am forever grateful to Morgan, more than I can ever express.

Morgan also reminded me of where and how these illnesses are welcome into a person’s body. And I, for the first time ever… said, ‘No thank you’ when another volunteer opportunity came up at my children’s school! It took a health scare for me to be able to feel justified in saying NO to protect my own self and energy. Thank you Morgan for everything! You are truly a gift to this planet.

Mary Chinchilla, Working Mom