At 5 months old, my son Lucas was having difficulty learning to sit. While he was lying down or while I bathed him, he leaned too much to one side. I took him to his pediatrician. He had never seen an infant with such an acute curvature of the spine.

He referred me immediately to specialists who did a regular X-ray and determined scoliosis. The doctor was concerned this would get progressively worse until he stopped growing. They scheduled a CAT scan at a major hospital assuming they would find a tumor or cyst pressing against the spine. They warned me that I may be facing a full back and pelvic brace for my son with possible surgery once his bones formed.

I called Morgan with the diagnosis (she was in Germany at that time). She worked on him from Europe and within hours my son sat up by himself for the first time.

Two weeks later, the CAT scan came back negative for any growths! Morgan continued to work with him. Follow-up X-rays were scheduled for 1 month, 6 months and a year. The 1-month showed inexplicable improvement in the spine. The 6-month showed no curvature at all. They did the 1-year follow-up anyway because they had no explanation for the change. At this point, Lucas was standing on his own with absolutely no curvature.

No words can describe a mother’s reaction to hearing her child may never sit or walk. It was an incredible relief to see my son sit in a car seat without being propped straight. I am happy to report he is a healthy, athletic, college student!

Sami Dunn, Working Mom