Knee Pain

“I’ve been a letter carrier for over 30 years and recently my knee seemed to pop out of joint… and that was my good knee. That had been my good knee for years. Morgan had an appointment with my wife and I had been hobbling around using a golf club as a cane for a couple of days. .

During my wife’s appointment, she mentioned to Morgan that my knee had been bothering me. Morgan examined my knee (over the phone from 3,000 miles away) and told me not only my knee, but my ankle was out of alignment.

After about a 20 minute treatment I stood up and walked, experiencing no pain, but a little tightness. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I went golfing with the boys the next day and played 18 holes of golf… pain free! Thanks to Morgan, my good knee is now my good knee again.

How does she do it? She just does.