“I called Morgan, after I found her number on an internet advertisement, on blind faith. The doctors had told me that my daughter, who had been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, had contracted a bacteria that would eventually kill her. I was in the depths of despair, and felt deserted by the medical community, in whom I had placed the majority of my faith and my baby’s outcome.

Morgan worked with my baby, clearing out any bacteria, and any symptom of any diagnosis. She knew that my husband and I had an enormous amount of fear surrounding our daughter and her diagnosis. Morgan tenderly worked on the three of us. Knowing that the baby was sensitive to our energy and our feelings, Morgan helped us to see that our baby is healthy, strong and growing well.

Morgan worked on our home also to clear all fear and illness from our lives. Immediately after the treatment from Morgan it was as if a fog had lifted in our home. Our baby’s condition improved, and she continues to do well. My husband and I stopped talking about ‘our poor baby’ and started laughing and enjoying our beautiful baby and each other again. Even our cat, who had always been skittish and afraid of people and especially afraid of the kitchen, started behaving differently! The cat became friendly to visitors and started walking in and out of the kitchen as if there had never been an issue!

There had definitely been a change in our household for the better. Most importantly, after receiving treatments from Morgan, for the first time since the ‘diagnosis’ of my baby, I’m not loving her while trying to guard my heart from the expectation of her death. Instead I am loving her with a heart wide open, enjoying every minute, smiling and crying tears of joy that this baby has joined our family. We are most grateful to Morgan for showing us this great gift of love!“