Stroke, Numbness

I suffered a stroke at the end of May 2014 .it left me unable to walk and completely numb from head to toe on my right side. I journeyed deep within and focused on healing. I prayed for strength and maintained a positive attitude finding solace in gratitude and trusting my inner guidance. I had already been led to several healing support sources and was making good progress.

I was however still numb in a good portion of my right side and experiencing discomfort with tingling, muscle tightness and limited range of motion with my right shoulder and arm as well as a constricted felling in my ribcage.

An Angel friend referred me to Morgan, someone he discovered in a magical encounter. The session with Morgan was phenomenal. I felt light enter my body and much of the discomfort disappeared as if a great weight had been lifted off of me. It was like a laser light healing. I continue to progress in wake of the session and my healing continues. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful for Morgan: for her presence and her gift. She has my highest recommendation for anyone seeking true and deep healing.

T.M., HI