Viral Infection

In July of 2006 I had stomach surgery. My friend told me about Morgan who I contacted right after the operation. I was scheduled to be in the hospital for at least a week.
She worked on me hours after the surgery. After 2 days The doctors could not believe how fast I had recovered and released me. They were astonished and amazed.
Or in their words unbelievable.

On Sunday, June 9th 2007 I became very sick. On Monday the 10th I went to the doctor who could see that I was very ill. Took blood and urine samples, gave me antibiotics(not knowing the extend of my illness) told me to go home and stay in bed until the results came back to determine how to treat me. I contacted Morgan, after the first session she told me I had an extremely severe case of viral infection through out my entire body. She worked on me twice that Monday and twice on Tuesday.

Wednesday I was completely well, enough so that I went to work.

Wednesday morning the doctor called (after he received the blood results) my home to tell me I had and extreme case of viral infection through out my entire body and was sending and ambulance to my house to admit me to the hospital. My wife told him I was at work. His response was that is impossible, that the medication he had given me could not have cured me. He stated that on a scale of 1 to 10, I was a 12.

He called me on my cell phone at work and could not believe I was working and ordered me into his office. Once in his office he could not believe the physical condition I was in compared to Monday. He confronted me, asking had I see another doctor, taken any herbs, etc. I said no. He reiterated that the meds he had given me on Monday could not have made this big of a recovery.

He took more blood and urine.

He called on Friday to say that blood and urine results had gone from a 12 to a 1. He was speechless.